Sporting Time Trial Series

Welcome to our sporting time trial series, since the series began in 2016 we have been amazed at it's success.
For the 2024 season with the increasingly popular road bike category, we are just going to concentrate on the road bike early season competition “The Spring Cup”. However, the early season still promises challenging courses and a tough competition!

A South DC competition for road bikes open to everyone.

Series Information

The South DC Spring Cup Series is a competition that is open to all, not just first claim members of South DC affiliated clubs.

There is no need to register for the competition as any qualifying ride will automatically be recorded.

The “Early Season” competition consists of approximately seven sporting events from February until the start of May; you will be awarded points based on your position in that event, 150 points for first place, down to 1 point for 150th place.

The competition is decided on your highest scores from 4 qualifying events (weather permitting) plus all bonus points. Starting at 100 points for the winner, and reducing by 1 point per position, means the fewer riders there are, the more points you can get.

Any number of events can be ridden as your best placing in each event will automatically count towards the competition. We will subtract your lower scores once you pass 4 events.

Times are of no consequence (except for team position) as it’s your position in the final result on the day that counts.

Bonus Points for 2024 - Category Positions Team Points: 1st Team - 10 points, 2nd - 9 points, 3rd - 8 points, 4th - 7 points, 5th - 6 points, 6th - 5 points, 7th - 4 points, 8th team - 3 points.

The Team position is based on the fastest time of three members of the same team. However all members of the placed team will qualify for the points.

Women's Points: 1st Woman - 12 points, 2nd - 10 points, 3rd - 9 points, 4th - 8 points, 5th - 7 points, 6th - 6 points, 7th - 5 points, 8th - 4 points, 9th - 3 points and 10th placed woman - 2 points. 

Junior Points: 1st Junior - 10 points, 2nd - 8 points, 3rd - 7 points, 4th - 6 points, 5th - 5 points, 6th - 4 points & 7th placed Junior - 2 points.


Competiton prizes
Hilly courses
Road bike
Tea & cake

"This is a great competition, I've really enjoyed the events this year" - SH

A South DC competition

The Spring Cup

Congratulations to Malcolm Cox from Velo Club St Raphael on winning the 2022 Spring Cup!!

Those of you who are not sure of the "Road Bike" rules they are very simple, no aero or tri bars, nor tri spokes or disc & no aero helmet. Wheels must have at least twelve spokes & can be up to 90mm (National CTT Regulations)


7 Events

Road bikes only

Spring Cup

2023 - Events

Here is a link to the CTT website to view details and enter - please double check before entering!

Event entry via CTT

Event Date Time Course Dist Club/Team Promotion Fee Results Points Spring Cup
1 18/02/2024 09:00 P821 16.5 Velo Club St Raphael “Pain on Portsdown” (Road Bikes) £15
2 10/03/2024 08:30 P889/17 27 km …a3crg Rogate Rumble ~ Extended Play Version (Road Bikes only) £15
3 17/03/2024 08:30 P183b 22 National Classic Circuit Series Round 1 Sotonia CC. “The Leg Loosener” £20
4 14/04/2024 08:00 P427 16.3 Wessex RC Hilly £14
21/04/2024 09:00 P454 42km Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers (Sporting 42km) West Lulworth £14
6 05/05/2024 07:00 P333 33 New Forest CC “Tour of the New Forest” £15
7 11/05/2024 09:00 HCC283 10 VC Venta “The Watercress Ten” £15

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